The Haves and the Have Nots - Season 7 Episode 15

Centers on the rich Cryer and Harrington families (the haves) and the poor Young family (the have nots) whose lives intertwine when Hanna Young begins working for the Cryers.

Episode: 15/181 eps

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 6

Season 1 - The Haves and the Have Nots
"Jim Cryer learns that his mistress has befriended his daughter; Candace blackmails Jim."
"Amanda has Wyatt and Jeffery assist her with the move into her new apartment while Hanna is set-up on a blind date by Benny."
"Benny prepares for his date by asking to borrow a car but is arrested and charged with drug possession after falling trap to someone's malicious intent. Amanda seduces her professor to raise her grade."
"It is revealed to Hanna that Benny happened to be behind the wheel of Candace's car. David reveals how he participated in the set-up. Katheryn ends up having a bond with Hanna regarding their issues."
"After all the issues going on around her, Amanda tries to commit suicide after an altercation with Candace sets her over the edge. Katheryn shames Candace directly after Jim reveals the affair."
"Katheryn tells everyone that she is leaving for vacation but that information turns out to be false. Veronica agrees to work on Benny's case. Wyatt is shocked when a previous girlfriend shows up. Jim receives the news that Amanda and Candace have moved into an apartment together."
"Jim and Candace end up in a verbal altercation. Amanda is in recovery while Katheryn might have to prepare for surgery. Wyatt receives another visitor from his past. After reviewing the case, Veronica questions Jim about some of the details. Amanda reveals a shocker to Candace, that she was raped."
"Information is discovered by a detective that links Benny and Tony. Veronica continues to work toward answers for Benny's case. Laura is kept away from Wyatt by Jeffery."
"Veronica collects enough evidence to send it off to David, which in turn exposes the conspiracy. Katheryn gets nervous when her secret almost goes public."
"After her secret is reveled, Katheryn tells everyone what she really knows about Jim's secret activities. Jeffery finally discloses his love for Wyatt."
"Jeffery tells his parents that he's gay. Hanna discloses that Tony is actually Benny's father. Candace informs Amanda that her parents are keeping her inheritance."
"Hanna waits at the hospital for news on Benny's condition; Candace tries to convince Amanda to stand up for herself."
"After a hit-and-run accident, Wyatt kills a little girl and Benny is on life support; Jim's campaign is in trouble; Amanda's on the verge of a breakdown; Hanna hears bad news about Benny."
"When Celine tries to destroy her accountability, Hanna clashes with Tony about keeping Benny on life support."
"Jeffrey realizes that Wyatt is responsible for Lizzie's death and Benny's condition."
"Candace asks Jim to move Benny to a private hospital."
"Jim tries to keep Wyatt out of jail; Tony serves Hanna with court papers."
"Candace represents Hanna in court; Amanda slips into the professors room while his family sleeps."
"Despite Wyatt's actions and Candace's threats, Jim readies his campaign announcement."
"The judge rules in Tony's favor; Hanna begs Tony to keep Benny on life support."
"Candace tries to blackmail Jim and David during their campaign event; Wyatt is arrested."
"As Katheryn is helping Hanna get out of jail, Wyatt is arrested for the hit-and-run of a little girl and Benny. Katheryn is devastated to learn that Hanna turned Wyatt in, but Hanna tells her that she will not sacrifice Benny for Wyatt, no matter how much Katheryn's helped him. Furious, Jim tells Hanna that he will not be accepting her apology when she discovers she's wrong about Wyatt being the hit-and-run driver. After some thought, though, Katheryn tells Jim that they should just let Wyatt pay for what he's done instead of protecting him.\n\nThen, after a dramatic day at the campaign office, David and Veronica continue to disagree about Jeffery's sexual orientation, and Jeffery still struggles with his own identity.\n\nElsewhere, Candace realizes that she is in a fight for her life when she is given an ultimatum by her captors.\n\nMeanwhile, Hanna is given hope at Mercy Hospital when Benny's new doctor tells her that her son is demonstrating slight brain activity."
"In the wake of Wyatt's arrest, Jim is confronted by the district attorney, Jennifer Sallison, and learns that Wyatt has confessed to the hit-and-run. To make matters worse for the Cryers, the DA vows to come after Jim next.\n\nAt Mercy Hospital, Hanna meets Darlene, a concerned nurse and former classmate of Benny's. Dr. Bailor also gives Hanna some hopeful news: He thinks Benny may not need the ventilator anymore.\n\nElsewhere, Jeffery confronts Veronica about Wyatt's arrest, but Veronica only continues to push her agenda by forcing Jeffery to go on a date with a young woman.\n\nMeanwhile, Candace is at the mercy of the Malones and is forced to come clean about not being pregnant to save herself from a forced abortion.\n\nLater, Amanda buys a gun from a pawnshop and asks the clerk some loaded questions about shooting professors.\n\nFinally, much to Maggie's surprise and chagrin, Jim holds a press conference and announces that he has been part of a cover-up."
"During a citywide press conference, Jim proclaims his son's innocence of the heinous double hit-and-run that killed a little girl and left Benny in critical condition. He declares that on the night in question, Wyatt did hit someone, a man named Donald (a paid prop), whom Jim introduces to the public. The gubernatorial candidate professes to have settled with Donald out of court, the actions of a loving, if misguided, father.\n\nMeanwhile, Hanna gets a frightful visit from Quincy as he searches for Candace. Later, at the hospital, she gets another unwelcome guest\u2014Tony has finally found where Benny is being treated and demands that he be taken off life support.\n\nElsewhere, Amanda continues to hint at murdering her parents, causing a worried Jeffery to reiterate his concerns to Katheryn. Across town, Jim gets Wyatt out of jail and brings him home.\n\nAnd, Candace is still tied up in the Malones' basement and must endure Rose's threats of a terrible fate."
"Hanna is overjoyed as Benny finally wakes up from his coma and makes astounding progress in recovery. He also reconnects with an old classmate who has been caring for him in the hospital.\n\nAfter Wyatt is released from jail, he contemplates his mistakes and goes to visit the grave of Lizzie, the little girl he killed, where he is recognized by the girl's mother as the hit-and-run driver.\n\nDavid continues to be supportive of Jeffery and attempts to understand his life by talking with Landon. However, David encounters another personal problem when Maggie oversteps her professional boundaries.\n\nMeanwhile, Quincy, the father of Candace's child, shows up at Candace and Amanda's apartment, and Amanda discovers that Candace's past is more of an enigma than she thought.\n\nElsewhere, Jim pays the still-captive Candace a visit and gives her a final chance to save her life."
"Benny prepares for his release from the hospital; Hanna plans to testify against Wyatt; Jim finds his fall guy; Quincy tries to get information about Candace from Amanda."
"After escaping her kidnappers, Candace asks Warlock for help; Jeffrey is seduced by Melissa."
"David's caught in a compromising position; Jim's plans to clear Wyatt's name causes tension; Candace panics."
"Amanda leaves the estate with Quincy and sends Katheryn into a panic; Candace hides out at Jeffery's place; Sallison pursues Wyatt and Jim."
"A news report claiming that another person is responsible for the hit-and-run saves Wyatt from jail. Katheryn berates Jim about his evil deeds. Hanna attempts to apologize to Jim for her hand in the tragedy, but he won't have it and orders her off his property; however, Katheryn has a tearful and beautiful reunion with her best friend, and offers Hanna her job back and to begin after Benny is settled in. Katheryn then tells Jim off about his attitude towards Hanna and orders him to keep Celine under control or else."
"Jim is confronted by Carlos, his illegitimate son with Celine. Katheryn's celebratory dinner party goes awry when Quincy, Candace's ex, shows up as Amanda's date. David and Veronica continue to battle over the fact that Jeffrey is gay. Candace seeks her revenge on Jim. Maggie makes another attempt to sleep with David."
Season 2 - The Haves and the Have Nots
"Hanna hosts a party for Benny; Jim is being held hostage; David resists the temptation to be intimate with Maggie."
"Hanna seeks information about Quincy's mother so she can get one step closer to finding her grandson's room."
"Wyatt gives Celine a taste of reality and he finds out a about his brother Carlos."
"Jim gives up and finally gives in to Candace's demands."
"Katheryn gets some devastating news."
"Everyone else is assembled at the Cryer mansion."
"Katheryn tells the story of how she first met Jim."
"Katheryn and David try to tell Veronica how wrong she is about Jeffery."
"Benny is convinced that Candace has changed her ways."
"Hanna comforts Jim after Amanda's death."
"David is angry at Veronica for telling Quincy to beat up Jeffrey."
"Benny searches for Quincy after he shows up at Hanna's home."
"Veronica starts a fire that destroys her mansion and almost claims David's life."
"Wyatt's confession to D.A. Sallison sparks controversy."
"Hanna finds out that Jim and Katheryn were holding Candace hostage."
"Hanna finds Benny in bed with Veronica; Melissa demands that Jeffrey's parents take care of her own."
"Candace shows Benny where she works."
"Quincy is hurt from the accident."
"Hanna is reunited with Q."
"Candace learns that Hanna is seeking custody of Q; and the Cryers and Harringtons try to convince the D.A. that Wyatt's taped confession is a misunderstanding."
"Candace buys property with the money she extorted from Jim; and Jim is interviewed on TV."
"While Jim is being interviewed by Dianna Winchill, a surprise guest arrives. Veronica tells Jim that she had planned Wyatt's attack in prison, leading Jim to attack her and later put a hit on her, Professor Cannon, and Prison Guard Terrell by calling three hitmen and ordering a \"bloodbath.\""
"Hanna grows suspicious of Benny's involvement with Veronica and how he acquired his new house; Quincy drives a car through Hanna's home in spite of revenge; Candace decides to let her guard down with Oscar."
"Hanna becomes devastated when she learns that Quincy set her house on fire; Maggie tries to talk David into running for Governor; Jeffrey gives Wyatt the necessary ammunition to take his parents down."
"Hanna and Benny force Candace to tell the truth about everything."
Season 3 - The Haves and the Have Nots
"Katheryn and Veronica are taken to the police station Candace and Jeffrey disagree on what to do with Quincy's body when interrupted by a knock on the door."
"Katheryn has had a lot of time for reflection while cooling her heels behind bars with Veronica. Candace and Jeffery get a visit from police because of a nosy neighbor."
"Katheryn is taken aback by the photo of Veronica in the arms of another man. Quincy wakes up and begs for Candace's help."
"Katheryn is unshaken by the DA's attempt to push. Candace's lies catch up with her."
"Benny agrees to help Candace hide evidence in Quincy's murder."
"Quincy Jr. passes out on Hanna after getting really sick and is taken to the hospital and placed in ICU."
"Maggie's lie to David could cause her to lose him forever; Katheryn gets out of jail but she can't find anyone to help Jim or Veronica."
"Candace interrogates the social worker; Hanna is steaking out at Cryer's mansion waiting for their return; Katheryn goes to visit David but little does she know that Wyatt is one step closer to getting his inheritance."
"Quita and Daylon break into Candace's house but are caught by Pearl, who calls her son Justin and his police squad to arrest them; Justin continues to harass Jeffery."
"Candace puts a plan into action to save herself and Benny from War's rage. Katheryn pleads with Hanna to not end their friendship. Veronica handles the hired assassin hiding in her house in an unexpected manner."
"Warlock has pushed up Candace's due date, so she goes to the bank to mortgage the houses and Benny's tow yard."
"Maggie visit's Veronica's home and gets the surprise of her life"
"Veronica treats David with much malice."
"After talking with Pearl, Hanna hopes to gain custody of Quincy Jr."
"Katheryn Cryer tries to process difficult news about one of her closest family members."
"Veronica and Jeffery go to visit Katheryn but Veronica pushes Jeffery to his limit."
"Jeffrey begins to implode so he calls Candace and Justin for help."
"Jennifer arrives at Katheryn's house to tell her that Wyatt is alive."
"Jim teams up with a former enemy in his scheme against Candace."
"Mitch breaks up the fight between David and Benny; David gets some shocking information about Mitch."
"The police are on the look out for Hanna so they question Candace and Benny."
"Benny learns the truth of how Candace financed his property. Candace finally tells him the truth about War and how she got the money, and what Mitch did but he doesn't believe her."
"Katheryn explodes when she is pushed to the limit. Benny finds out the truth about War by Mitch, who also reveals to Benny who he really is."
Season 4 - The Haves and the Have Nots
"Veronica tries to escape the Cryer Mansion. Jeffery is still trying to get a hold of Candace. Benny is still upset because of how Candace Mortgaged his house and the tow yard."
"Benny holds out hope that Candace will come through for the family."
"Veronica is still trying to escape Katheryn's mansion. Erica called Candace to give her an update on things with David."
"Veronica wants to meet with Candace and Jeffery. Jim helps Katheryn clean up a mess she has created."
"Veronica helps Candace and Jeffery out of a precarious predicament."
"Veronica pays Erica a visit Candace encounters Oscar again. Quit'a finds Wyatt's place and tells him that she's going to take his money."
"Veronica lets Jim know that if anything happens to her she has dirt on him. Hanna questions Benny and Candace about what they did to Quincy."
"Veronica planted a camera in those flowers she delivered to Erica. Hanna does all she can to keep the peace in her family."
"Veronica tells Justin to stay away from Jeffery. Candace makes Charles her latest Mark."
"Veronica is pushing Jeffery's buttons. Erica is caught sleeping with David by War."
"Veronica tries to seduce Benny. Warlock looks for Candace, Mitch returns from jail. Katheryn leaves Jim, Wyatt checks himself into rehab of his own volition."
"Veronica goes in a rage after Melissa attempts suicide in her bed. In the aftermath of the shootout it is revealed that Quincy Jr is dead."
"Veronica and Katheryn came face-to-face. Katheryn was able to be the friend that Hanna needed in comfort; Mama Rose inflict a bit of fear into Jim Cryer."
"Veronica intervened and proved her skills by representing Benny, Jim taunted Veronica, Hanna found herself at Katheryn's new rental home."
"Veronica threatens to reveal Officer Justin's secret and accuses him of sexually harassing Jeffrey. David and Jim find their sons. Charles reveals to Candace who he really is."
"Veronica visits Melissa at the hospital. Katheryn helps Hanna deal with Benny's situation. Wyatt gets released from the hospital. Charles beats Candace at her own game."
"Veronica tried to confront Erica and David on the elevator about their relationship. Landon tries to warn Charles about Candace. Jeffrey meets up with Landon."
"Veronica catches Officer Justin in Jeffrey's hotel room, and records Officer Justin. Jim is trying to find Warlock before Mamma Rose does."
"Veronica is confronted by Officer Justin. Candace starts to see Erica for who she truly is. Candace gets some devastating news."
"Veronica tells Landon to stay away her son. Jim is shocked to see that his house is on fire. Candace ask Mitch for a favor. Warlock gets caught in a deadly trap."
"Veronica makes Melissa clean her blood out of her bed. Jim and Katheryn implode with emotion. Jim confronts Katheryn, and begs her for retribution."
"Veronica gives Jeffrey and Officer Justin an ultimatum. Candace and Benny are at odds with each other. David tells Jeffrey to stay away from Veronica."
"Veronica does something that puts Officer Justin at rage. Candace struggles with sorrow and the death of Quincy Jr. Jim confronts Candace at The Artesian Hotel."
Season 5 - The Haves and the Have Nots
"Hanna is in mourning after a deadly shooting. Candace rejects Benny's pleas to help her. Veronica and Melissa find themselves in danger."
"Benny and Mitch risk their lives to save victims of a horrific auto accident. Justin professes his love and lust for Jeffery."
"David discovers Jeffrey's whereabouts. Hanna and Benny confront Candace."
"Hanna reveals a deep, dark secret; David calls Katheryn for help with Jeffrey."
"Justin tries to convince Jeffrey of his love; Candace and Benny fight to keep their relationship."
"Veronica returns home after a stay in the hospital; Candace and Jeffrey 's secret crime begins to catch up with them; Hanna meets a new man."
"Candace gets released from jail while David fights to get Jeffrey out of jail."
"Sarah and George make progress in prosecuting the Cryers; Veronica concocts a scheme against David."
"David fights to save his son Jeffery; Charles yearns to see Candace."
"Candace works on a new plan to recoup her money from the Cryers; Veronica is preoccupied by an all-consuming desire for revenge"
"Veronica lets it be known that she is the only queen in the kingdom; Candace reverts to old ways."
"Candace enacts her new money scheme like a boss."
"Wyatt once again finds himself in a life-threatening situation."
"Wyatt learns just how much trouble drugs can get one into."
"Benny wants to return the money to the Malone's but discovers it's not that simple."
"Katheryn learns that Wyatt's anger for her comes from childhood scars that are deep."
"Veronica and Candace scheme up a plan to hurt David."
"Officer Justin shows Jeffery just how serious he is about being with him."
"David is pushed by Veronica to a point that he didn't know he had."
"Charles learns that Landon may have ulterior motives."
"Benny's arrest forces Candace back to her old tricks to make some quick cash to leave town."
"Candace and Jim are up to their old tricks while people are caught in the crossfire of Veronica's wicked plots and intimidations."
"After being pushed to the limit, Veronica finally gets her revenge."
"David learns Erica's fate while being rushed to the hospital; the truth about Uncle Vinny's accident comes out, and the Malones now have a new target."
"An explosion in this small town sets more on fire than just a car. Who will survive?"
"While David is the hospital, Veronica gets a shock of her own."
"Veronica tries to convince RK to do some of her dirty work."
"Candace's plan begins to unravel as Benny discovers what she did to Hanna."
"Jim tries to save Wyatt from himself; Jeffrey deals with an uninvited guest."
"Candace comes face to face with Katheryn Cryer."
"The future president of the United States is back and chooses Candace."
"Jeffrey's scare with David brings him closer to Nurse Madison as the FBI gets one step closer to Veronica's wicked trail."
"Jim thinks he holds all the cards, but there's a ticking time bomb coming his way."
"Benny is severely rushed to the hospital following a shooting incident and Mitch reveals to Hanna about what happened with him. Katheryn attempts to mix business with pleasure. Veronica is taken to the hospital after falling off a stairwell railing and the FBI pays her a little visit."
"Secrets are revealed when everyone comes together at the hospital."
"Justin will stop at nothing to make sure Jeffrey is his."
"Veronica is simmering, and someone is going to get burned."
"Justin focuses on Jeffrey with laser-like intensity; Katheryn gets a taste of what it's like on the other side of the tracks."
"Wyatt is in jail; the Cryers secrets may make it out before he does."
"Jeffery comes to Justin's aid."
"Jeffery tries to handle the Justin situation amicably."
"Wyatt takes the witness stand intent on revenge."
"The Harringtons and the Cryers must join forces in order to save them all."
"A tattoo is worth a thousand words."
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Season 6 - The Haves and the Have Nots
"Details about Hanna's past are unraveled; Justin finally gets Jeffery to himself; Candace and Charles have a very special dinner."
"Some dinners end with dessert, but not at Justin's house."
"Madison intercepts an ominous call at the hospital."
"Veronica faces off with Officer Justin while Scott builds his case against Candace."
"No one is safe from the danger looming in the city of Savannah, Ga."
"Candace plans to turn over a new leaf."
"David's blunder has deadly consequences; Candace loses something precious to her."
"Veronica and Wyatt retaliate against their enemies."
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Season 7 - The Haves and the Have Nots
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Season 8 - The Haves and the Have Nots
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