Rich House, Poor House

Two families from opposite ends of the financial spectrum and class divide swap homes, social status and budgets for 7 days as they discover how the other half lives.

Country: UK

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 7.8

Season 1 - Rich House, Poor House
"Bristol's Caddy family trade places with the Williams family from Weston-super-Mare. The Caddys spend more than \u00a31700 per week, compared to the Willams's \u00a3110 weekly budget."
"The wealthy Bentley swap house and lifestyle with hard-working and hard-up, single mother-of-four Angela Carter-Begbie."
"The Hays are in the wealthiest 10 percent in Britain. The Hellings are in the poorest 10 percent. How will they both adapt to each other's lives?"
"The Webb family leave their rented three-bedroom maisonette on an estate to live in the Heasman family's luxury 16th-century farmhouse set in six acres in rural Essex."
Season 2 - Rich House, Poor House
"The Leamon family leave their four bedroom terrace house on a council estate to live in the Fiddles family's six bedroom house set in sixty acres."
"The Haslams have three children, twelve restaurants and \u00a33,000 to spare a week. The Brimicombes have four kids but only \u00a3140 a week to spend. How will the two families handle swapping lives, homes and budgets?"
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Season 3 - Rich House, Poor House
"Successful vets Colin and Lizzy Whiting enjoy spending their disposable income on antiques. Marine engineer Ross Timmins and his wife Sarah, a hairdresser, work hard to budget what fund they have."
"The Scaife-Lacy family are used to a weekly budget of \u00a32,700, which they splash out on skiing trips. Restricted to around \u00a3170 each week, the Flinthams and their four children make do with free activities."
"The Page family swap their eight bedroom house in West Yorkshire for a week in the Hollands' three-bed council house in Hartlepool"
"Paul Walker and Victoria Maude have a weekly post-bills budget of \u00a31,716, while Steve and Naz Edney have around \u00a3168 per week to spare. The Edneys hope that the swap will inspire their kids to work hard."
"Sam and Richard Flint and their four children from a seven bedroom house in Hertfordshire change places with Nora and Lahoussine Elayadi and their three children, who love in a two bedroom council flat in Ealing, West London."
"James wants to help episode buddy Antony realise his dreams of attaining a physics degree. Karate entrepreneur Matt has taken Andy under his wing, and finding out if bin lady Sharon's situation has changed."
Season 4 - Rich House, Poor House
"The Colemans are in top tier for wealth, with a four bedroom house and a weekly budget of \u00a31,800. However, the Morgans are among the poorest with a weekly budget of just \u00a3158 - less than a tenth of the Colmans."
"In Bournemouth, the Hansen and Gittings families swap homes, budgets and lives. They live just three miles away from each other, but their financial circumstances are worlds apart with the Hansen's among the wealthiest and the Gittings the poorest."
"The Hornans are among the wealthiest in Britain, with luxury holidays, swimming lessons and a weekly budget of more than \u00a32k. The Llewellyns are among the poorest, and dream only of owning their own home with a garden for the kids to play in."
"The Emmotts enjoy a budget of \u00a31300 per week, affording golf, tennis, music and triathlon training. The Blakes have only \u00a3125 of disposable income, so treats include walks in the park and film nights. They swap lives to see how the other half lives."
"The well off Lusks, who made their money from the manufacturing industry, swap places with the Bosleys who are used to getting by on less than one tenth of the Lusks income, brought in by mum Melanie who is a cleaner at a working men's club."
"Families from series two and three reveal what happened when they met for the first time after living each other's lives. Intersperses memorable moments with newly shot footage."
Season 5 - Rich House, Poor House
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